Our Story

Shahrayar is the fictional King of Kings from the infamous Medieval Middle Eastern story of One Thousand and One Nights. In the story, he was a spurned king, who was transformed by the power of storytelling over 1,001 nights by his wife and Persian queen Scheherazade. Through her stories, he was saved from desolation to not only grow wiser and more trusting, but to learn to love again.

To us, Shahrayar is the embodiment of the magic of storytelling. Shahrayar, which also means
"holder of a kingdom" in Persian, is the spirit of our banquet hall.
Within the walls of our hall, you can create your own kingdom, wherein
your own story of love, triumph and success unfolds...



About Shahrayar Banquet Hall

Shahrayar's newly renovated 10,000 square foot hall is designed as a space to hold 350 guests and serve all types of events, from weddings to live music, seminars to corporate talks. Located in a stand-alone building in the heart of Mississauga, on the shore of Lake Ontario, it makes for the perfect vibrant green backdrop to your special occasion.

Envisioned as a haven to create your most precious memories, Shahrayar has a whimsical elegant charm, with warm light gold wall sconces adorning upscaled paneled walls, embracing the deep ash grey wood parquet flooring fit for the grandest of events. A bouquet of ornate crystal chandeliers glisten above the gold-trimmed white and grey accented Italian Carrera marble dance floor. An off-set navy blue and gold highlighted art deco corner bar invites guests to grab a drink and be merry, while Shahrayar's in-house catering cooks up a feast as impressive as its' events.

Architecturally designed with privacy, intimacy and connection at the heart of the hall-the high ceilings and integrated technological system allows for the reverberation of the perfect auditive experience - whether that is to party hard or give a talk, ensuring everyone is connected visually, audially and emotionally.

The backdrop of the space is set at the front and center of the hall to draw the attention of guests to hosts-of-honor. Bride and grooms can have their bridal party table adorned in their design of choice, birthday parties and baby showers can showcase their design 'piece de resistance', while a stage can be installed for live music, seminars and talks.

The warm, elegant ambience of the hall balances just the right amount of versatility that allows for designs of both grandeur and understated backdrops depending on the type of event hosted. It is made as a canvas to allow any client's vision to come to life.